DUEFFE company

55 years of activity, a journey made together ...

Technicians, programmers, designers, workers, employees ... a family ready to listen and to help you realize your needs, your necessity, your aspirations ... ready to become ours too.

Our history.

- New quilting machine SM3000 SGT

- SM3000 new Restyling and new sewing head…

- F08 AGATA INSIDE "band-embroidering all in one"

- Available new Whatsapp / Viber number +39 366 3325590

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  • Each company is unique, and has unique and specific needs
  • Dueffe is able to make a total customization to its machines to satisfy every type of specific need
  • We are able to integrate into existing production processes
  • Our research department can best assist you to support your specific needs

Industry 4.0

  • intelligent and complete solutions able to communicate with each other
  • Workshop of the future, process automations implemented all over the world with the help of the most modern machine technologies, combined with suitable software solutions to maximize results.
  • 43 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione Automation of individual production processes
  • Machine control through CNC / PLC systems
  • Interconnection to factory informatics systems with remote loading
  • Integration with the logistic system of the factory or with the supply network and / or with other machines of the production cycle
Tape Edge Machine - Handle Attaching
-F08 Agata inside
- F08 -LS
TAC-TAC Design plus 600×450
- TAC TAC design Plus
We build a world together with you ...